Expired Domain Names

Interested in aquiring an expired domain but not to sure if it is worth it? Well, let us explain. Thousands if not hundreds of thousands of domain names expire every single day. These expired domains may still hold valuable aspects and social signals such as PageRank, Domain Age, Facebook Likes, Facebook Shares, Quality Backlinks and much more. Why would someone let their domain go? Well, the circumstances vary from person to person, webmaster to webmaster. Most seem forget to renew their domain, others forget about them and some have just moved with their life.

Most people think of expired domains as useless. Why would somebody drop their domain if there wasn't a good reason behind it, right? While the truth is, Yes! This can apply to a few Expired Domains but definitely not all of them! Expired Domains are an unlimited source of quality domains that will never end! The only problem with acquiring one is that fact of, how do I know which one is better? That's where we come in!

Here on Cachelogic™ Expired Domains you can find all the information you will need to find that perfect domain for you. Be it if you have to Backorder Expired Domains or just have to Bid On Expired Domains. Either way you have all the tools required to make an educated purchase. Our service is completely free to use! You can also register with us to keep track of your searches in order to inform you first hand when the actual domain or a similar one is available!

Below are individual Expired Domain Lists you can search through. With over 200,000 domains added to our index daily, we bring you the latest expired domains released on the market. Simply click on the list you wish to view or you can use our Expired Domains Search function located at the top of our website (Coming Soon). Enjoy your stay and if you find this service useful, drop us a like on our facebook page or follow us on twitter!

Expired Domain Statistics

Here you can find the following expired domain metrics in our database as of March 20, 2019. Cachelogic's database is updated daily with new expired domains entering our system everyday.

  • 36,198,388 Domains are currently available in our database, propagated over 40 domain lists
  • 6,735,541 Expired Domains, 12,433,388 Domains In Auction, 9,586,646 Domains Pending Delete
  • 666,136 Domains were added to our database in the last 24 hours

  • 629,805 Domains with Google Pagerank
  • 42,050 Domains with Alexa Rank
  • 1,968,680 Domains with Backlinks
  • 127,406 Domains in Google's Index
  • 4,690 Domains with Google Backlinks
  • 468,578 Domains with Facebook Likes
  • 335,268 Domains with Facebook Backlinks
  • 1,259,031 Domains with Twitter Backlinks

  • 0 Godaddy Expired Domains will end today
  • 0 Godaddy Auctions will end today
  • 0 Godaddy Auctions will end tomorrow
  • 7 Godaddy Most Active Auctions will end today
  • 0 Snapnames Pre Release domains will end today

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