Daily Domain Statistics + General Statistics Now Available!

Cachelogic now provides transparent statistics to its visitors.

Pictured below is an example of our daily indexed domain statistics.  This lists the amount of domains per TLD indexed today, ordered from the greatest count to the least. Following the link of each TLD will take you to that specific TLD list. You will find this list located in the right-hand sidebar of the website and just like any other information box available on Cachelogic you can choose to minimize this information or entirely close it out.

Daily Domain Statistics

Daily Domain Statistics


We also have introduced transparent statistics of our entire database. 

Here you will find general information about how many expired domains, deleted domain and how many domains in auction are currently in our index. Not only that, but you can find how many have pagerank, alexa rank, backlinks and more. Attached below is an example of the kind of statistics displayed here on Cachelogic

General Statistics

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