Affiliate Program Closing May 1st 2014

We regret to inform our clients using Cachelogic’s Expired Domains Script that as of May 1st, 2014 the Affiliate Program will be closed. The announcement was made by The Team on April 23, 2014. Here is what they had to say.

Dear Affiliate

After careful consideration, has decided to suspend the Affiliate Program. We have a busy roadmap for the year ahead as we keep up with customer requests and unveil new products. We will revisit the Affiliate Program at a later date. We genuinely appreciate your participation, and thank you for helping to promote

Suspension Dates:

  • We will continue to record referrals and issue commissions through April 30, 2014. We will cease to record commissions on May 1, 2014.
  • Payments will be made as scheduled to eligible affiliates. Please note that to receive payment we need a W-9 form on file.
  • will be shut down on April 30, 2014.

You will find below the email that was sent to us by the Team


Name Affiliate Closing

What this means is clients who have purchased our Expired Domains Script will not be able to generate revenue from the registration of domain names at This will affect approximately 200,000 domains available across Cachelogic’s EDS API System. says they plan to revisit their affiliate program sometime in the future but until then we will have to depend on the other affiliate programs available on our EDS

If you have any questions or have anything else to add please let us know by commenting below.

Cachelogic Support

Daily Domain Statistics + General Statistics Now Available!

Cachelogic now provides transparent statistics to its visitors.

Pictured below is an example of our daily indexed domain statistics.  This lists the amount of domains per TLD indexed today, ordered from the greatest count to the least. Following the link of each TLD will take you to that specific TLD list. You will find this list located in the right-hand sidebar of the website and just like any other information box available on Cachelogic you can choose to minimize this information or entirely close it out.

Daily Domain Statistics

Daily Domain Statistics


We also have introduced transparent statistics of our entire database. 

Here you will find general information about how many expired domains, deleted domain and how many domains in auction are currently in our index. Not only that, but you can find how many have pagerank, alexa rank, backlinks and more. Attached below is an example of the kind of statistics displayed here on Cachelogic

General Statistics

Cachelogic™ Domain Marketplace

We are pleased to announce the new and improved Cachelogic

After almost 2 years of Cachelogic Expired Domains not being updated, here we are with a new concept and mission for Cachelogic. We are no longer just a website where you can purchase an expired domain script so you can put it on any website you own, but much more.

Over the past year we have been working hard to drastically improved our Expired Domain Script (EDS). Several new features are available which include multiple registrar support, licensing verification, better search functionality, and an API Feed which now supports our EDS.

We have not only just improved our EDS, but now offer free domain tools and a front-end browsing experience for the latest expired domains to hit the marketplace. Search for these domains by TLD, or by an individual category.

Cachelogic™ is now owned and operated by Inquestor® Inc. a Canadian Corporation. Founded in 2008, Cachelogic has mainly focused on providing its customers with expired domain scripts and premium support. Our mission now is to provide not only our script to  webmasters but to serve the entire domaining community.

Over the next few months we will be rolling out update after update, feature after feature in our goal to help serve you better and provide the best domaining experience there is to offer.