New and Improved Cachelogic™

Welcome to the new and improved version of our Cachelogic™ Domain Marketplace! Although the website is not fully complete, there has been a lot of pressure over the past couple of months for our Expired Domains Script. We decided to launch what we have and will continue to roll out updates and additional features as we develop them. Currently we have over 17 million domains available in our index with an average of 150,000 to 250,000 domains added daily.

Have a look around and see what we have to offer. You will find in our sidebar a list of domains tools which checks your website for various social signals and domain metrics. Below you will also find a list of domains categorized by registrar and their additional categories within. Below our "Domains By Category" list you will find a list of domains by tld. You can also close, sort and move these lists around our homepage. Eventually, you will be able to save your peference but not quite yet.

Please bare with us over the next month or so as we continue to add additional features and settings. We plan to have a support forum for our EDS, launch a blog to keep you informed with the lastest updates and introduce a member area which will obviously be free to join. If you find any errors or have questions just contact our support. Please enjoy your stay and most of all enjoy your experience on the new and improved Cachelogic™ Domain Marketplace!

Cachelogic Statistics

Here you can find the following domain and domain metrics in our database as of April 20, 2019. Cachelogic's database is updated daily with new domains entering our system everyday.

  • 36,198,388 Domains are currently available in our database, propagated over 40 domain lists
  • 6,735,541 Expired Domains, 12,433,388 Domains In Auction, 9,586,646 Domains Pending Delete
  • 666,136 Domains were added to our database in the last 24 hours

  • 629,805 Domains with Google Pagerank
  • 42,050 Domains with Alexa Rank
  • 1,968,680 Domains with Backlinks
  • 127,406 Domains in Google's Index
  • 4,690 Domains with Google Backlinks
  • 468,578 Domains with Facebook Likes
  • 335,268 Domains with Facebook Backlinks
  • 1,259,031 Domains with Twitter Backlinks

  • 0 Godaddy Expired Domains will end today
  • 0 Godaddy Auctions will end today
  • 0 Godaddy Auctions will end tomorrow
  • 7 Godaddy Most Active Auctions will end today
  • 0 Snapnames Pre Release domains will end today

Listing todays domain index status by TLD